There's No Place Like Home

Posted by Jeffrey Milisen on Monday, September 3, 2012

  One of my fondest memories growing up in Connecticut is the way the world wakes up in the summer.  Since moving to Hawaii 5 years ago, I’ve dearly missed using overly hot, muggy days as an excuse to find a body of water and just jump in.  In addition to its coastline, Connecticut has a multitude of lakes, ponds and rivers to keep a growing biologist busy and out of trouble.  I have always wanted to take what I have since learned back to my home state and explore with my new set of eyes.  Last week, I got just that chance.  I only had six days to fit in all that I wanted to do, so tie flew by.  During that week, I chased countless largemouth bass and sunfish through ponds of milfoil and lily-pads, watched as schools of stripers raced past me at sunrise and I even brought my obsession with sharks along for an especially wild encounter (click here for more on blue sharks).  And of course I spent some quality time with the family.  Somehow I managed to fit it all in less than a week.  

Tags: striped bass striper blue shark prionace glauca largemouth pond lily pad ringneck snake connecticut blue shark 

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