About Me 

A dirty little secret of photographers is that anybody with a camera is still learning how to use it.  My photographic journey has paired with SCUBA to lead me from Hawaii (my home) to Florida and the South Pacific and from the intertidal zone to 200 feet below the surface and nearly everywhere in between.  I'm often on a personal quest for something unusual like a lost plane wreck or an unusual fish and don't tend to give up until I find it.  Hawaiian schooling hammerhead sharks have been the carrot dangling in front of my nose for the past three years.  This particular search has taken me to four different islands and shown me all ilk of sharks ranging from the tiny cookie cutter to the oversized whale shark.  Maybe one day I'll find them.  

I like to think that photograophy helps raise awareness for our ocean systems, but there are more direct ways to help. For example, I have picked up trash for NOAA's marine debris team and dived to reduce the environmental impact of open-ocean aquaculture (pictured above).  I look back on both programs as foundational in the development of who I am today.  Eventually, I'd like to use my blog to share some of these exploits with you.  

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