A Watery Union

Posted by Jeffrey Milisen on Friday, December 14, 2012 Under: Events

 On Wednesday, I was honored to help wed two of my good friends, Amanda Tucker and Alan Brockman.  Their one request was that the ceremony be held 80 feet underwater.  As the bride made her way down the mooring, the guests, headed up by Reverend Gabe Scotti, arranged themselves on the deck above the wheelhouse of the Sea Tiger.  The dappled light of the afternoon sun and turbid visibility created a unique atmosphere that contrasted sharply with the bride's white dress and red bouquet.

I had never shot a wedding before, so I set up two cameras and spent the day obsessively checking and rechecking my memory cards and batteries.  I spent considerable time dreaming up a list of shots that I felt would capture the special moments, then set about completely ignoring it in favor of other photos.  After the ceremony, we went for a victory lap around the sunken ship stretching our tanks until they were nearly empty.  Thank you for including me on your special day!


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