Another plane, another tiger shark and a great blackwater dive!

Posted by Jeffrey Milisen on Thursday, August 9, 2012

After a couple of months of government mandated radio silence, I'm starting to catch up.  My outboard is now fixed, new photos and sections are up all over my webpage, and my thesis is back on track so today I decided to take some time off to go play.  I love it when Matt calls me up because it usually means he has found something underwater and needs pictures of it.  Last time it was an airplane and this time it was, well, another airplane.  

The first adventure with Matt found little more than an engine block, prop and wheel.  This time, however, he found considerably more, like the complete, upside-down wreckage of a TBF Avenger!  Pics to follow.

I find it amazing that circa WWII, planes were considered basically expendable.  Can you imagine the hoopla if the air force lost, for example, an F-22 raptor?  In only one year during WWII, Bellows airfield alone lost 18 aircraft, leaving most of them to rot on the bottom of the ocean. Multiply that by the number of active bases in Hawaii at the time and you are starting to see the scope of just how much interesting stuff is down there.  

For the three readers still following along, I can't tell you where the plane is.  Sorry.  Nor can I show you pics of the AWESOME tiger shark that we encountered the very next dive (chalk this up as a really good day).  But I can post a few pics from Saturdays epic blackwater dive (Click here for more info on Blackwater diving).  Enjoy.

Hippocampus fisheri at the water's surface.  

Physonyct siphonophore 

Pelagic polychaete worm

Sandbar shark (Carcharhinus plumbeus)-not seen on blackwater dive.

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