Go Team America! 2016 World Shootout Nationals Gold!

Posted by Jeffrey Milisen on Saturday, January 28, 2017 Under: Events
This is already shaping up to be an amazing year.  I am headed to Raja Ampat and Lembeh (Indonesia) next month, Papua New Guinea in November, and this morning I just found out that my Team America just won Gold in the World Shootout.  It is considered the Grand Prix of Underwater Photography.  Teams consisting of three photographers from all over the world compete with six images (two per entrant).  The teams were narrowed down to the top five last month, and just this morning, the ceremony at the Boot show in Dusseldorf, Germany announced the winners.  My teammates were the ever talented Ron Watkins and Renee Capozzola who traveled all the way to Germany to accept the award.  Have a great year!

The images I entered were this deepwater anglerfish (Lophiodes fimbriatus) and the squid (Ancistrocheirus lesseurii)

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