The cute and the ugly

Posted by Jeffrey Milisen on Thursday, August 23, 2012 Under: Megafauna

The cute and the ugly

 If finishing my thesis was the only thing happening in my life right now, stagnancy would kill me long before I got to printing a draft.  I have learned to take activity breaks as a coping mechanism to keep from injuring myself for fun.  In elementary school, it might be called recess, except my recesses often involve large animals or plunging unseen depths.  I try to make the most of the allotted time I have outside.  For example, I found myself in need of some fresh shark images for a project I'm working on, so this morning me and a couple of worthy helpers headed out in search of some sharks to poke with sticks.  By the end of the day we threw down with about ten good sized Galapagos sharks.  What a day!

And for all you blubber huggers...

 I also took a couple of hours out earlier this week to go for a swim and managed to gain the trust of a pod of dolphins!  I've seen dolphins countless times before, but never have I watched a whole pod slow down to wait for me to catch up.  We swam together for between 5 and 10 minutes before a tour boat came by and we scattered.  

I've also been busy adding new photos to the Blackwater gallery after a fantastic night dive on Saturday.  And finally, head on over to "Behind the Shot" where I discuss the stories that go into some of the images seen here.  I'll add more as time allows, but alas, I have a thesis to write.



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