Tiger-Quest 2012

Posted by Jeffrey Milisen on Wednesday, September 19, 2012 Under: Megafauna

My friends and I are a little light of pocket to go to Tiger Beach, Bahamas, so, needing an adventure, we sought to find our own local animal, a tiger shark known as "Laverne" who is known to make a living in the waters of Honokohau Harbor.  We headed for Kona to dive like crazy and hurry back before anyone noticed we were missing.  What we found was not one animal, but at least four all crowding the area looking for scraps from fishing boats.  They ranged in size from about 10 feet up to maybe 14 and consistently came by to check us out before continuing on their merry way pacing in and out of the harbor mouth.  I can't tell you how extremely lucky we were.  Word of our luck spread around the island fast such that by Sunday there were four groups of shore divers, a videographer and another three boats clogging up the spot, none of whom had encountered Laverne or any of her cohorts.  


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