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Limited Edition Prints: Mantas


This is the view lucky snorkelers get when on our manta ray night dives.  Coming in hot!

8x12 metal: code MR01
12x18 metal: code MR02
16x20 metal: code MR03
24x36 canvas: code MR04 


Kona's mantas spend their days at the spa, keeping clean at one any number of cleaning stations around the night manta sites.  This is Blain Ray coming in for some dental work.

8x12 metal: code BR01
12x18 metal: code BR02
16x20 metal: code BR03
24x36 canvas: code BR04


This is a manta at a buffet.  The specks around its cephalic lobes are plankton scattering. 

8x12 metal: code MS01
12x18 metal: code MS02
16x20 metal: code MS03
24x36 canvas: code MS04 



This is a paralarval octopus whose parents can be found crawling across Hawaii's reefs at night.  The young are very curious and quite photogenic.  This one paused in probably a dozen different poses before moving on.  This image recently won first place in the macro category in Ocean Art Photo Contest.

8x12 metal: code CO01
12x18 metal: code CO02
16x20 metal: code CO03
24x36 canvas: code CO04 


This larval left-eyed flounder will spend its young life drifting through the pelagic environment.  With a good deal of luck, one eye will drift over next to the other and the fish will settle on the bottom.  This image recently won an honorable mention in Our World Underwater Photo Contest.

8x12 metal: code CP01
12x18 metal: code CP02
16x20 metal: code CP03
24x36 canvas: code CP04 


This is a larval cusk eel.  Of the many unique features on this animal, it is the extruded gut that really stands out.  It helps it eek every last ounce of nutrition from every meal.  This image won "Best of Show" in Ocean Art's 2015 underwater photo contest.

8x12 metal: code L01
12x18 metal: code L02
16x20 metal: code L03
24x36 canvas: code L04  

Hawaii's Reefs


This Hawaiian green sea turtle got a little frisky with its reflection in my dome port at Honaunau, Kona.  

8x12 metal: code CM01
12x18 metal: code CM02
16x20 metal: code CM03
24x36 canvas: code CM04  


Tiger sharks are Hawaii's most revered sharks.  Fortunately, they rarely live up to their reputation. 

8x12 metal: code TS01
12x18 metal: code TS02
16x20 metal: code TS03
24x36 canvas: code TS04  


What underwater photographer's site is complete without some dolphin pics?  These rough-toothed dolphins are notorious for stealing fish off the lines of fishermen.  They have an especially prehistoric rostrum, but their offshore habitat means they rarely encounter human swimmers.  

8x12 metal: code SB01
12x18 metal: code SB02
16x20 metal: code SB03
24x36 canvas: code SB04 



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MetalPrints infuse dyes directly into aluminum sheeting to create a more brilliant and durable print.  The final product is scratch and weather resistant and can be cleaned using any comercial glass cleaning solution.  This is the most durable printing option.  

8x12: $122

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16x20: $264

Giclee Gallery Wraps print the photos on museum-quality canvas that is wrapped onto a stretching frame. Glossy laminate helps protect the final product from abuse.  

24x36: $812

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